VIP Star Memberships

flex on the h4ters with ur money. but 4real running 6 csgo servers for about 3000 players a day aint cheap. we need all the help we can get. much love <3

Every membership is a monthly subscription and receives the following...

  • Color's in chat! You can pick the color of your username and chat text color! Woohoo!
  • Reserved slot that will kick poor people from the server to make room for your rich phat a$$.
  • Fist's in-game to punch n00bz with. 3 punches = D34TH
  • Discord role of the respective membership.
  • In-game tag of the respective membership.

You receive the same perks for each package but the memberships that cost more money make you feel cooler. Are you going to be the next Cuddle Star??!